Mold, Mildew and Algae growth, much like termites and other pests, is inevitable.  This is particularly true in the low lying coastal areas of northeastern North Carolina and throughout the southeast.  Coastal storms, moisture content, high heat, and humidity provide an environment where spore growth can flourish.  Mold growth can range anywhere from a nuisance to a very real health concern.  Unless addressed and remediated, mold can cause aesthetic issues, property degradation, and in some cases even health issues.

Fortunately, like pest control, spore growth can be effectively mitigated, maintained, controlled, and prevented.  By utilizing the appropriate products, services, and treatment protocols your mold abatement professionals at DMS have over 10 years of experience providing excellent services in mitigating these issues.

Our customers have included homeowners, business owners, real estate professionals, property management groups, the hospitality industry, health and sports facilities, health care facilities, etc.  DMS can not only resolve existing growth issues but can actually provide preventative maintenance programs designed to prevent the frustrating recurring mold growth cycle. We can help transform our customers from a reactive approach to mold growth to a proactive approach.

Complications and other effects stemming from spore growth have created certain elements of fear among some segments of our population.  For example, the real estate profession prefers to refer to mold growth as “discoloration” in order to minimize the stigma of its presence. Fortunately, mold is nothing to be feared except in extreme cases.  DMS discretely and effectively works with our customers to simply assess, evaluate, and mitigate each issue as it arises.  Our goal is to replace concern and fear with successful remedies without the drama.  We offer Treatment Certificates and, in some cases, Treatment Warranties to validate and confirm the application of our treatments.

DMS utilizes professional-grade EPA approved and regulated products formulated and produced specifically for mold remediation including sanitizing existing growth, removal of dead spore stains and contaminated materials, and the application of a mold protective coating to inhibit return growth.

Mold Remediation, Preventative Maintenance and Protection Services

All of our treatments utilize professional-grade mold defending products formulated exclusively for mold abatement, mitigation, and prevention. They are non-abrasive, dry clear, and are non-toxic.

• Inspection and Assessment (including Treatment Estimate)
• Sanitize and Kill Existing Mold Growth
• Remove Non-Imbedded Dead Spore Stains
• Contaminated Material Removal (HAZMAT regulations)
• Re-Install New Materials (structural, wallboard, carpet, etc.)
• Mold Protective Coating Application
• All Surfaces – Dries Clear; Non-Toxic
• Treatment Certificate
• Preventative Maintenance Program (available)

• Inspection and Assessment (including Treatment Estimate)
• Sanitize and Kill Existing Growth
• Remove Non-Imbedded Dead Spore Stains
• Mold Protective Coating Application
• All Surfaces – Dries Clear. Non-Toxic. Crawl Spaces and Attics

• Inspection and Assessment (including Treatment Estimate)
• Moisture Content Readings
• Debris Removal
• Vapor Barrier Removal, Repair, and Replacement
• Contaminated Material Removal and Replacement
• Sand Replenishment
• Sanitize and Kill Existing Mold Growth
• Mold Protective Coating Application
• All Surfaces – Dries Clear.Non-Toxic.Treatment Certificate

• Inspection and Assessment (including Treatment Estimate)
• Cleaning (antimicrobial cleaner with pressure wash and/or chemical rinse)
• Mold Protective Coating Application
• All Surfaces – Dries Clear. Non-Toxic
• Preventative Maintenance Program (available)

• Treatments for smoke odors
• HVAC sanitization for unpleasant indoor odors (often referred to as ‘dirty sock syndrome’)
• Routine treatments available for indoor air quality

Whether treating an existing growth issue or initiating a mold maintenance prevention program DMS has the product and/or services you need.  Treatment certificates are issued following every application.  Treatments are performed exclusively by DMS Certified Applicators.

Disaster Restoration and Mold Prevention Services

Following anything from a burst pipe or roof leak due to a direct hit from a major hurricane, residents and business owners periodically are faced with having to deal with rampant mold growth due to water intrusion from rain or flooding. Unfortunately, just cleaning mold usually is not enough to keep it from re-growing, especially if humidity levels remain high as is the case in northeastern NC and the southeastern U.S.

Mold can take hold within 24 to 48 hours after water damage occurs and without power and continuing high humidity, it can multiply rapidly, destroying materials such as drywall, wood, and fabrics. Environmental specialists recommend cleaning and drying out properties as soon as possible to minimize mold growth. If the damage is extensive, the use of a professional mold-remediation specialist such as DMS is recommended. For insurance purposes, take photographs of damages prior to beginning clean up. However, it should be noted that many insurance policies either exclude or limit mold coverage.

Mold spores are found everywhere in our environment – indoors and out – with over 1000 species of mold in the United States alone. Outdoors, molds play an important role in nature by breaking down organic matter such as downed trees and fallen leaves, and we would not have some foods or medicines such as cheese or penicillin without molds. However, indoor mold growth should be avoided.  This growth is unsightly, degrading, and is known to cause ill health effects in some individuals, particularly children, older adults, and those with compromised immune systems.

Mold can grow on virtually any surface as long as moisture, oxygen, and an organic source are present. It can grow without sunlight and needs only moisture and the right temperature.  While the adverse effects of mold on public health are the subject of debate and research, it does present a serious problem for people who have respiratory problems such as allergies or asthma and immune-compromised individuals. Children and the elderly also may be at higher risk for adverse health effects from mold.

DMS is highly sensitive to the critical response time window associated with Disaster Restoration services.  We have real-life experience from serving our customers during devastating storms such as Hurricane Isabel.  During these times we have worked with FEMA, insurance agencies & adjusters, homeowners, businesses and property management groups, and others to provide relief from current mold infestation and protection from return growth.

• Timely response to the call
• Immediate Assessment of the Situation (including documentation and photos)
• Sanitization of the Contaminated Area(s) with Professional Grade Mold Products
• Tear-Out, Removal, and Disposal of Contaminated Materials (HAZMAT regulations)
• Installation of Drying Fans
• Containment of Contaminated Areas
• Mold Protective Coating Application
• Treatment Certificate

Please note: Most disaster restoration companies DO NOT include ANY protective measures against return mold growth.   DMS DOES. Sometimes it does not take a disaster to require these treatments.  Many structures that remain enclosed and unoccupied for lengthy periods of time are susceptible to the same type of mold growth (i.e. rental homes, foreclosures, sale properties, summer homes, etc.).  DMS provides each customer serviced with a Treatment Certificate and welcome post-application clearance testing by independent licensed and certified mold inspectors.