Mold Spreads Fast! Act Fast.

These photos are from a recent remediation completed by our DMS team. When DMS was called, we were informed the hot water heater had leaked AND the electricity was off in the home. Due to the elevated moisture and lack of airflow, it was the ideal setting for a rapid spread of growth throughout the home.

Although the growth was very apparent visually in this remediation, it is important to know that growth may not always be visible to the eye. For example, there were areas of paneling in the kitchen that were buckled. This indicates water damage and should be removed to check for growth behind the paneling. Notice where we removed some of the buckled paneling and exposed a significant amount of mold behind it (which needed to be removed).

DMS was able to perform effective remediation in this home.  All contaminated materials were removed and the home was sanitized with our commercial EPA-approved chemicals. The homeowner has since completed the rebuild and the home is now able to be lived in again and looks great!

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