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  • Joey Miller

    Joey Miller

    Field Operations Manager

  • Jordan Rimarski

    Jordan Rimarski

    Social Media Specialist

  • Tina Cannon

    Tina Cannon

    Director of Operations and Marketing

  • Taylor Bradbury

    Taylor Bradbury

    Director of Accounting and Finance

Our Story

Dwelling Management Solutions (DMS) has its roots in northeastern North Carolina.  Harry and Tina Cannon moved to Camden County in August of 2000 and co-founded Camden Products (CP).  The company purpose was to either discover or develop cutting edge products and bring them to the market.  Mold and mildew, common to this area and the southeast, soon became a company focus.  Nationally, mold was becoming recognized as an issue in homes, businesses, health spas, hospitals, colleges, etc.  Recurring spore growth was both a nuisance and a potential health issue.  It could be wiped away, but often, it grew back stronger and more disruptive than before.

With the help of their chemist, the CP partners were able to develop an innovative product, later named Anti-Growth, which would begin to change the way mold issues were viewed and mitigated. By 2004 Anti-Growth was on the market as a paint sundry item sold primarily in paint and hardware stores.  Locally Ace Hardware, Perry Glass, and Sherwin-Williams were the first to pick up the product, which was later placed nationally into central distribution with the Sherwin-Williams Company.  Harry & Tina and the CP partners applied for and received a patent for their invention (FUNGICIDAL COMPOSITION U.S. Patent #7,179,773) in February of 2007.

In September 2003, Hurricane Isabel arrived with a fury and Camden’s mold mitigation products were put to extreme tests following torrential rain, flooding and high heat & humidity.  Harry and Tina utilized the opportunity to work locally with FEMA and others on distributing the mold products to residents and businesses affected by the storm.  People needed to both kill the existing spore growth and to do something to prevent it from growing back.  Working with the products at the field level gave Harry and Tina invaluable experience in mastering how to successfully mitigate mold growth and prevent its return.  Success in the field prompted local testimonials and national media attention on both the products and the successful treatment protocols.

Harry and Tina formalized the treatment side of the business when they founded Mold Protection Services (MPS) in 2005.  From that time until the present, MPS has successfully helped a diverse mix of customers, both residential and commercial, to remediate mold issues.  More importantly, they have begun to change the perception of addressing mold issues among these customers.  Armed with sanitizing, killing, cleaning and preventative mold products, they educate us that mold control, much like pest control, can be addressed on a proactive rather than reactive basis.  With the proper treatment protocols and products mold can be kept under control with mitigation and regular mold maintenance programs.  Mold no longer has to be the dreaded “M” word, but simply one more issue in and around dwellings that can be kept effectively under control.

Due to customer need and demand, MPS began to add other services.  In early 2016 the company was renamed Dwelling Management Solutions (DMS) to more accurately reflect its expanded product and service array.  In addition to Mold Remediation, Prevention & Protection, DMS now provides Disaster Restoration & Mold Prevention and Odor Control & HVAC Sanitizing (Indoor Air Quality).  DMS serves homeowners, businesses, facility & property management groups, realtors, health institutions, educational facilities and recreational facilities, among others. 

Through participation in industry related associations, continuing education, and field experience, DMS has made a commitment providing our customers unparalleled service.  DMS continues to utilize cutting edge mold mitigation products that are EPA approved and non-toxic post-treatment. 

Dwelling Management Solutions About Us

In Memory of Harry Cannon

In April of 2020, the Cannon family unexpectedly lost Harry, co-Founder of Dwelling Management Solutions. He is survived by his wife, Tina, and two daughters, Taylor and Jordan. Harry was an expert in his field, but his family has been involved since the company was founded in 2000. They are honored and devoted to carry on the legacy of Harry and his unwavering desire to help the community with awareness and education, as well as the treatment of mold by their certified remediators.